“The main success factor of my work is the smile of people who use the space arranged by us. Creating and improving the environment gives you the most satisfaction when the end result is enjoyable to other people and gives them an interesting place to relax and enjoy.”
How did you become interested in gardening?
When I was choosing high school I did not know yet that gardening would become my passion and way of life. I was always interested in nature films. David Attenborough's film "Private Plant Life" impressed me the most. I studied in gardening. The school allowed me to develop my passion and desire to learn about plants. My interests in this field have been very evolving, since gardening is a very broad subject and covers different departments - from vegetable, floriculture and horticulture to dendrology. It would be difficult to choose just one horticulture department, which is particularly fascinating to me because they are all excellent sources of knowledge. By the end of high school I did not think I would be permanently attached to this profession. However, horticulture has chosen me permanently and my work has always been associated with this field.

Gardening is more passion or profession for you?
It's a passion and a profession at the same time. At this point, I think of Confucius, "Choose the job you love, and you will not have to work for even one day in your life." At present I can not imagine working in any other profession. Thanks to the people I met in my way, I can do what I love. Mr. Andrzej Furman trusted me and gave me the opportunity to take care of the greenery. The team I work with is also very important. Hopefully, though, I have managed to pass on my passion to others.

What are your biggest successes in this field?
My success factor is the smile of the people who use the space that we manage to arrange. Creating and improving the environment gives you the most satisfaction when the end result is enjoyable to other people and gives them an interesting place to relax and enjoy. I hope that the greatest successes are still ahead of me. At the same time I am very proud of what we have been able to do so far. We've finished big realization - revival of the Park im. J. Slowacki. This undertaking required tremendous involvement of many people. As a success I also perceive the fact that a group of passionate people were able to collect social documentation of the park. Slowacki University. Park in 2016 won the prize in the competition of the Lodz Branch of the Society of Urbanists for the best developed public space in the province of Lodz and was nominated for the award in the 11th edition of the competition for the best developed public space in Poland.

What attracts you most in horticulture?
Variety and variability. We have hundreds of thousands of plant species and varieties that vary depending on your growth phase and season. Our knowledge gives them the opportunity to make full use of them, and in choosing plants we are able to obtain the effect that we care about. Undoubtedly, my attention is also focused on old parks and interesting and magnificent trees. Being in the old park, people realize how many years they have to go to get this effect and how broad the viewer needs to be to properly plan the space and to have the effect last for years. We often do not realize how much influence the perception of space has on trees in our environment, until they are not lacking.

Could you tell us a little more about working in Aflofam?
I have been working here for 4 years. I am at the forefront of a group of gardeners who deal with the green. I never expected that I would work in a pharmaceutical company and work there in the green. My way to this company was a combination of many circumstances and the result of meeting many friendly people on my way. I can not miss my group of gardeners, whose core is Łukasz Bartoszek, Michał Kania and Wiesław Kołodziejczak. Without their help, it would not be possible to implement and maintain projects at this level. Each of them is also responsible for maintaining the greenery around our plants. I think this team is made up of people with passion, because only then is it possible to achieve success and satisfaction with implementation. A good example of this is J. Słowacki Park and our green areas.

How your typical day job as a gardener in Aflofarm looks like?
It certainly is not monotonous. The diversity of the area presents us with a number of challenges. Besides, we are very dependent on the aura. Sometimes the weather pays us tricks and we have to adjust to it. Variability of the seasons guarantees us a very varied work. At present, most of the time it takes care of lawns and flower beds. It would seem that winter is a time of rest - nothing more wrong. In the winter we do snow removal and, as soon as the aura allows, from February we carry care cuts. As a curiosity I will say that the selection of plants for next spring spring flowerbeds are done in summer, but the flowerbeds planted at the turn of May and June - in September.