Aflofarm's history

Aflofarm was established in 1989 in Pabianice as Aflopa. Since then, the company has been climbing the pharmaceuticals rankings every year to ultimately become the leader of the OTC market in 2012.

Learn about the growth of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Poland

Andrzej Furman

Andrzej Furman and his wife open Aflopa, a manufacturing and trading company.


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In 1991 the company invests its initial funds in production of drugs and pharmaceuticals. In late 1991, the Ministry of Health and Welfare issued a license for production of the first formulation, Mentho-Paraffinol. The Galen Laboratory launched production in rented space in Ksawerów.

The company launches drug production at the factory in Ksawerów

The first Galen Laboratory is opened


The Drug Production Factory in Rzgów is opened.


The Drug Factory in Rzgów and the Galen Laboratory in Łódź were the first establishments in the Łódź macroregion to receive pharmaceuticals manufacturing licenses.


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The Drug Factory in Rzgów was launched in December 1994 with the production capacity of 1 million packages per month. The construction concept was based on the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the innovative pharmaceuticals industry. Today, the plant specializes in production of liquid forms (including syrups and suspensions).

The company introduces the first prescription drug - Gastoren, which contains ranitidine in syrup form.


The new factory in Pabianice is opened.


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Today, Aflofarm has up to 138 OTC drugs (over the counter) and 70 RX (prescription) medicines*. This makes Aflofarm one of the largest Polish drug manufacturers. *10.05.2023

The factory in Ksawerów launches operation as an Aflofarm Pharmaceuticals Factory


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Today, Aflofarm has up to 138 OTC drugs (over the counter) and 70 RX (prescription) medicines*. This makes Aflofarm one of the largest Polish drug manufacturers. *10.05.2023

The name is changed to Aflofarm Pharmacy Poland



Aflofarm modernizes its factory in Ksawerów.

Jacek Furman takes the position of the company's CEO.


The company enters the dermocosmetics market .

Aflofarm is the first company in the world to provide scientific proof for safe use of meloxicam and releases the first OTC drug containing this substance (Opokan).


Aflofarm becomes the leader of the OTC product market.


Commercial release of Desmoxan.


Aflofarm's products are available in 30 countries throughout the world.


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Whenever we release new products, we do so for the benefit of our consumers. Through careful market analysis, we strive to offer them specific added value in addition to the solution to their problem. Diohespan, for example, was the first product in Poland containing 1000 mg of diosmin to allow for reduction of the number of taken pills. For more information about Aflofarm's innovative products, please click on the R&D tab.

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The introduction of OTC cytisine and implementation of a broad advertising campaign for our product produced a significant increase in citazine consumption in Poland and was presumably the main reason for five hu8ndred thousand people quitting smoking between 2013 and 2014 (W. Zatonski, M. Zatonski). Research shows cylazine was used by 2.6 million people since 2005, about 30% of all smokers (Tutka, Wahl, Dąbrowa, Błażej).

The Aflofarm Foundation is established.


Aflofarm introduces the world's first drug containing furazidin in form of suspension.



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Aflofarm już od 30 lat jest po stronie zdrowia.


Aflofarm is growing faster year to year and strengthening its leadership on the OTC market.