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The Aflofarm Foundation

In Aflofarm, we want to share our success with our community those in need of our help. That is why we established the "Aflofarm Foundation" in 2017;

The main goal of the Aflofarm Foundation is to support health care, promote health care prevention and active living, and popularize the pharmacy and medicine awareness.

We also want to use the foundation in support of research and initiatives contributing to scientific development in these fields

In addition to the main objective, the foundation also will continue to pursue its side objectives, which in the long term will improve the living quality of the people in the world around us. These objectives include campaigns for the benefit of environment protection and promotion of education and sports. We hope that our work can add another bricks to common prosperity and help develop proper and healthy social attitudes.

On January 10, 2018, the Aflofarm Foundation launched its first social campaign, Do not Burn at Startup. The main goal of the campaign is to promote anti-smoking attitudes among young people aged 12-16, especially the fight to reach for the first cigarette. The organizer of the campaign is the Aflofarm Foundation, and the campaign will cover key media: the press, television, radio and social media. The patronage over the campaign included Minister of National Education. More information on this subject on the website of the campaign niespalsienastarcie.pl

The Foundation's activities

Promotion of healthy living

Sport is health! We know it well, which is why we support preventive healthcare by supporting sports events: running and other sports events for a noble purpose.

Fighting with nicotine

The fight against nicotine is one of the main objectives of the Aflofarm Foundation. We are very involved in it, led by the company's president. We engage in many areas of the fight against cigarettes- not just through nicotine addiction drugs (Desmoxan), but also through nationwide social campaigns, support for oncology, and internal "quit smoking" programs for Aflofarm's employees.

Support for scientific circles

We support research and initiatives (conferences, symposia) of the scientific community. We work closely with the Medical University of Łódź.

Support for medical establishments

We support medical establishments by purchasing professional equipment and modernizing selected wards for the direct benefit of the patients. We work closely with the Pabianice Medical Center and the Polish Mother's Health Center.

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