Quality control

For us, the Patient's well-being is of utmost importance. We make sure that the Patient can treat himself more easily and effectively, and at the same time - safely.

+ We have our own specialist quality control and microbiology laboratories, equipped with modern analytical equipment, where we carry out physico-chemical and microbiological tests on all our products.

+ We use only raw materials with quality confirmed by the manufacturer's certificate.
+ Additionally, we confirm the quality of the raw materials used by verifying them for compliance with the developed specifications.
+ We carry out a number of tests and analyzes to confirm the quality of the product - for this purpose, requirements for each product are developed in the form of specifications which, in addition to microbiological tests, include, for example, the physico-chemical parameters or storage conditions necessary to maintain the proper quality of the product.
+ In food supplements, we verify the declared values and carry out a number of tests and analyzes to confirm the quality of the product.
+ We perform stability tests for medicinal products and medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.
+ We retain archival samples of all series of raw materials, as well as packaging materials and each series of manufactured product.

+ We are recognized with the highest production standard, which is confirmed by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificates - issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector) - as well as ISO 13485 (for medical devices) and ISO22716 (for cosmetics) certificates.