Nivelium PRO, shampoo niveliumPRO_szampon

Nivelium PRO, shampoo

Nivelium PRO shampoo is a specialist dermocosmetic formula based on a blend of lipids of soothing properties infused with a synbiotic designed for daily hair and scalp wash & haircare routine. Developed to provide optimal hydration and regeneration, and restore microbiome balance. Lightweight formula to benefit the look of your hair without the feel of greasy hair or scalp. Suitable for infants (from day 1 of life), paediatric and adult population. The shampoo works to purify and cleanse the scalp and hair from various debris, impurities and dead skin cell buildup. Soothes irritations, its formula gentle for very sensitive skin. Conditions and nourishes scalp to refine its structure so that hair becomes soft, smooth and shiny. Also, by providing optimal scalp hydration, diminishes itching and tightness and works to lock in moisture. If used regularly, keeps the scalp affected by dehydration, itching, cracking or flaking invigorated, well hydrated and nourished.  Helps reduce all signs of scalp dryness after just a few days of use.

Pharmaceutical form shampoo. 150 ml

Category Cosmetics

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Effective to purify and cleanse scalp and hair. Aids rebalance microbiome, does not cause eye stinging and is tear-free. Helps get rid of itching, flaking and burning on the scalp. Leaves hair stronger and regenerated for soft and shiny effect.  Reduces frizz without the feel of heavy hair. Recommended for daily skincare regimen of very sensitive scalp for infants from day 1 of life and adults, dermatologically tested.


  • inactivatedLactobacill us sp. PRObiotic with prebiotic
  • gentle washing ingredients
  • hemiskvalan
  • pentavityne
  • panthenol
  • sunflower oil
  • glycerine vitamin E

Marketing Authorization Holder

Aflofarm Farmacja Polska Spółka z o.o.

Information for the consumer

Cosmetics are substances intended for external contact with the human body: skin, hair, lips, nails, external genitals, teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth, used solely or principally for their purity, care, protection, perfumery or beautification.

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