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Opokan med

Opokan Med patches:

  • produce soothing warmth that relaxes tense and sore muscles;
  • provide effective relaxation;
  • relieve pain and reduce inflammation;
  • provide instant warmth and relief sensation.

Category Medical devices

Additional information

How to use:
• make sure that skin is clean, dry and degreased;
• immediately before use, gently tear the pack open and remove the patch;
• remove the protective tape on the adhesive part of the patch and promptly apply the patch in the place where you feel pain;
• the patch will warm up gradually to a pleasant temperature bringing relief (about 50°C);
• the patch will hold tight in the application site;
• the patch is intended for single external use only;
• the patch may be kept on skin for up to 12 hours;
• monitor the condition of your skin during use. In case of any irritation, swelling or redness, remove the patch immediately.
• if you feel excessive heat, discontinue using the patch;
• do not apply extra pressure or a pressure band on the patch;
• in persons with low heat tolerance, apply the patch only on clothes that are in direct contact with the body (underwear);
• in the elderly, apply the patch only on clothes that are in direct contact with the body (underwear).

Do not use the patch on affected, irritated, cracked or damaged skin, after a trauma or during bath. Do not use on skin with subcutaneous haemorrhages or oedemas. Do not use on body areas with an impaired sense of heat. Remove the patch immediately if you feel strong heat at the application site (if the temperature feels too high) or in case of any skin irritation, redness, burning or swelling. In case of low heat tolerance, the patch should be applied on underwear or a layer of clothes (especially in the elderly). Do not use in children that are not able to fully follow the instructions for use or remove the patch by themselves, especially in children and in the elderly. The patch must not be used in children under 12 years of age. Do not use patches that have any mechanical damage. In case of contact of the contents of a damaged patch with eyes or skin, immediately rinse the contact site with water. Do not reheat a used patch (for example in a microwave). Avoid direct exposure of the patch to sunlight. Do not use the patch on infected areas as well as in combination with other skin products for topical application (analgesics, warming products, etc.) or with any other products producing heat. Do not use the patch in the same place. When necessary, however, another patch may be applied in the same place only after 24 hours. Do not use the patch during night time. Do not apply extra pressure on the patch. Do not put one patch on top of another. In arthritis, pregnancy, skin diseases, diabetes, blood circulation problems, heart diseases, consult your doctor before using the patch. Warming products may cause burns. The risk of burns increases with age.


powdered iron, water, sodium salt, charcoal




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Information for the user

A medical device is intended for treatment of medical conditions or relief of their symptoms where the essential intended effect is achieved by means other than the use of pharmacological, immunological or metabolic agents.

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