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Desmoxan, tablets

Desmoxan is a full 25-day treatment indicated for weaning off smoking. One pack  suffices for a full therapy and its cost corresponds to the price of just a few packs of cigarettes. During the therapy, the active substance found in Desmoxan systematically displaces nicotine from the body. This allows for a gradual reduction of nicotine addiction and helps taper off smoking. You will stop smoking in the very first days of the treatment*, reducing the annoying nicotine craving.

*You must quit smoking no later than on the 5th day after you start the treatment.

Category OTC

Additional information

Desmoxan has no influence on the ability to drive and operate machines.

Active substance

One tablet contains 1.5 mg of cytosine.


Desmoxan is indicated for weaning off smoking and reducing nicotine craving in people who want to stop smoking. The purpose of Desmoxan is to permanently stop using products containing nicotine.


- Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any excipients;
- Unstable angina pectoris;
- Recent myocardial infarction;
- Clinically relevant cardiac arrhythmias;
- Recent stroke;
- Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Information for the patient

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