Aflofarm Pharmacy Polska has set up the Aflofarm Foundation, which will be active in the promotion of health prevention and active lifestyle and the popularization of knowledge in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

Charity has been an important area for the company for many years. Only in 2016 Aflofarm spent more than PLN 1 million on CSR activities. So far, however, the company has supported local medical facilities and cultural and sports activities mainly through My Kochamy Pabianice Foundation, operating in the city and surrounding areas. For example, last year, the company financed the purchase of a holm laser for the Pabianic Medical Center and provided funds to support the modernization of the Paediatrics, Immunology and Nephrology Clinic at the Polish Mother's Health Center in Łódź. Earlier, the Foundation "My Loving Pabianice" also took care of the renovation of the Slowacki Park - one of the largest parks in Pabianice. Aflofam, as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Poland, wants to expand its scale from local to nationwide. - We want to share our success with others, hence the idea of ​​establishing the Aflofarm Foundation. So far, we have been leading local activities within the "My Kochamy Pabianice" foundation. The company is developing dynamically. We are currently one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical sector in the country. This is a good time for our CSR activities to expand nationwide. through the implementation of social campaigns. Taking the subject of prophylactic prophylaxis naturally comes from the DNA of our company - explains Tomasz Furman, President of Aflofarm Foundation and Member of the Management Board Aflofarm Farmacja Polska - We live in times when haste and lack of time make us forget about our health and the consequences of such a lifestyle. can bring in the future. The purpose of our social campaigns will be to promote health prevention as well as to educate Poles in the field of pharmacy and medicine. We want to use our knowledge, experience and potential to promote healthy social attitudes in Poland, "adds Tomasz Furman. The promotion of prophylaxis and education of Poles will be the main goal of the Aflofarm Foundation, which will be implemented through the organization and financing of health promotion campaigns aimed at different age groups. Campaigns will be prepared with substantive support, among others. pharmacists, doctors and health organizations, and in the media where Aflofarm is presently present through marketing activities. Work on the first campaign of the Aflofarm Foundation on health issues is under way. In addition, the Foundation will organize and financially support social and cultural actions and work for education, among others. by financing scholarships for particularly talented students and students. Aflofarm also wants to support research in the field of pharmacy and medicine. "In addition to the main goal of the foundation, which is the promotion of healthy living, we also want to support those initiatives that will contribute to the development of science in the fields of medicine and medicine. From the perspective of the company's activity, the activity of innovation in these fields is very important - says Tomasz Furman. In addition to its main purpose, the foundation will provide financial support to the most in need medical institutions in the country.