On early days of April, Aflofarm Farmacja Polska joined the Employers of Poland - the oldest and largest national organisation which brings together Polish employers and entrepreneurs. Together, we will work to excel at fostering relationships and nurturing engagement for the Polish business to thrive on shared interests and goals and building vibrant landscape for initiatives in support of the Polish employers’ role.

Aflofarm is a Polish family business with operations established internationally in the field of healthcare. We have been on the market for over 35 years now.  We are the front-runner of the OTC market with Herbapect, Neosine, Desmoxan, and Lipomal being the leading brands.

Understanding the importance of patient care comfort is important to us and we are committed to consistently introducing innovativeness across pharma solutions developed through R&D projects and feedback from patients which respond to the actual market needs and wants. This approach has transcribed into a business portfolio to grow over 500 products. 

Health focused

Aflofarm is a thriving business which does not compromise on its corporate social responsibility commitments towards those who need it most. With the once adopted CSR model, Aflofarm has consistently engaged in a number of aid projects via the Aflofarm Foundation of a nationwide reach and the "My Kochamy Pabianice" Foundation which operates locally in Pabianice and whereabouts. These and other spot-on actions promoting wellness, health and wellbeing of patients and focused on drug safety, have worked to strengthen already competitive market position of Aflofarm. With the dynamics of the pharma industry not allowing us to sit on laurels we have managed to successfully adapt our operating strategy to the shifting market demands and requirements thereby continued to develop and grow in terms of employment rates, business portfolio and foreign operations.

Collaboration for business

Being among the prestigious Employers of Poland will involve engaging joint efforts and working together for improving the conditions for doing business in Poland.  This collaboration is also meant to inspire and encourage the creation of a more optimistic and entrepreneurship-friendly business landscape with Polish employers and entrepreneurs having a strong say in the process.

Joining the organisation is the step to have a platform for knowledge and experience sharing, a good opportunity to consistently provide insights and initiate actions aimed to minimise roadblocks and eliminate as much of a hindrance as possible for the Polish entrepreneurship to thrive. We hope this collaboration will see Aflofarm as an expert partner ready and in capacity to contribute to the Employers of Poland with our valuable insights, know-how and all the ins and outs for a healthy business to operate and grow both in respect of the home market in Poland and beyond - says Jacek Furman, the CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska. I have no doubt that Aflofarm can be an invaluable go-to source for knowledge sharing and believe our reciprocity will bring a lot of good - he adds. 

The important jubilee year  

The decision to become one the Employers of Poland notably coincides with the 35th of Aflofarm being established.  

The company history and its great legacy began in 1989 started by Andrzej Furman to have thrived into a business comprising four manufacturing sites, sports companies acquisitions, over 1,700 employees, successful marketing of product innovations and Aflofarm having made an important step in the business's growth trajectory by establishing its corporate foothold in markets outside Poland.