The main goal of the campaign is to promote smoking-free attitudes among adolescents aged between 12 and 16, and especially prevent reaching for the first cigarette. The campaign is organized by Aflofarm Foundation and will cover key media: press, television, radio and social media. Patronage over the action was taken over by the Minister of National Education, amongst others

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, about 9 million Poles are addicted to smoking. According to a report by WHO, nearly half of Polish teenagers aged 13-15 have attempted smoking[1], and the earlier one reaches for a cigarette, the more likely one will become a heavy smoker.

The younger the smoker, the more severe changes caused in the body. Some effects of smoking are revealed very quickly. Usually, after the first puff of smoke, a teenager begins to cough - this is a sign of the body's defense against harmful substances. Other effects come in a little later: the development of cardiovascular diseases, among others hypertension, coronary heart disease, as well as respiratory and various types of cancer, including lung cancer – asserts prof. Adam Fronczak, head of the Public Health Department of the Medical University of Warsaw, content expert for the “Do not burn yourself at the start”campaign.

That is why Aflofarm Foundation decided to launch the anti-smoking campaign “Do not burn yourself at the start”, aimed at students of the last grades of primary and junior high schools in Poland. The campaign promotes healthy lifestyle without addiction to cigarettes, which can significantly affect the development, health and life of young people. The nationwide campaign will be implemented through television and radio spots, an educational film directed at young viewers, a website and social media, including Facebook. The Foundation has also prepared a promotional spot for the campaign, which will be broadcast on TV from 12th January. The honorary patronage over the campaign was taken by the Minister of National Education, the Institute of Health, the National Center for Public Health and Hygiene, Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw and the State Sanitary Inspection.

“Do not burn yourself at the start” - we both educate and engage schools

The educational film, which was made for the needs of the “Do not burn yourself at the start” campaign, shows the problems that smokers have to face, such as loss of health, poor condition, visible skin changes, financial losses or negative impact on the environment. After the premiere, educational materials along with the film will be sent to 22,000 schools throughout Poland so that all primary and junior high school children can view the film and take part in the lesson about the dangers of reaching for the first cigarette. In addition, as part of the campaign, young people will be able to take part in the competition in which the main prize will include PLN 10,000. The task will be to provide an additional, original part to the film, dealing with the problem of smoking. Details of the competition will be available at

From the very moment of launch, the mission of Aflofarm Foundation is to support the protection of health and quality of life of future generations of Poles by promoting health preventive care and an active lifestyle as well as popularizing knowledge in the field of pharmacy and medicine. Both the Foundation and Aflofarm company are constantly fighting against nicotinism. We want to convince young people not to start smoking at all and consciously discourage them from reaching for their first cigarette – underlines Tomasz Furman, President at Aflofarm Foundation.  

Famous and popular people support the fight against addiction

The ambassadors of the “Do not burn yourself at the start” campaign, aimed at counteracting nicotinism, agreed to take part in the campaign. The anti-smoking campaign is actively supported by:         
  • Natalia Lesz – singer and actress         
  • Siostry ADiHD – presenters at, owners of Fit and Jump brand        
  • Izabella Krzan – Miss Polonia         
  • Jan Dratwicki – Mister Poland         
  • Maciej “Gleba” Florek – juror of You Can Dance, dancer and choreographer
The axis of the entire campaign is an educational film, created in cooperation with Discovery Networks CEEMEA, in which the main characters are the Ambassadors. The film is divided into 7 segments, each of which touches upon a different smoking-related problem. The dancer and choreographer Maciej “Gleba” Florek shows the impact of smoking on physical condition. Miss Polonia 2016 Izabella Krzan talks about how smoking affects our appearance, while singer Natalia Lesz about how it can hinder travels. The next ambassadors are TV presenters and fitness trainers, Sisters ADiHD, educate smokers at a public space during the film. The last Ambassador is Jan Dratwicki, the Mister of Poland, who shows examples of how expensive smoking cigarettes is. The entire film is available at

Currently, smoking is not only an addiction, but also a kind of fashion. You start smoking because everyone at school is doing it. The aim of the “Do not burn yourself at the start” campaign is to make people aware that this is not worth doing. I have never even tried smoking, because I know how it affects the body, and my passion and work require full physical fitness. If I smoked, I wouldn't be able to reach my dance dreams and be where I am today. I am glad that I am the Ambassador of this action and I hope that the film will serve as a warning against the effects of reaching for the first cigarette – asserts Maciej “Gleba” Florek.  

The ceremonial premiere of the campaign and the educational film took place on 10th January 2018 in Warsaw. It was accompanied by a discussion panel on smoking prevention among young people, which was joined by dr Janusz Meder, head of the Conservation Department of the Cancer Clinic of the Lymphatic System Cancer Center of Oncology in Warsaw, and prof. Adam Fronczak, head of the Public Health Department of the Medical University of Warsaw, as well as Action Ambassadors, representatives of honorary patrons and students of Warsaw schools.

More about the campaign can be found at:

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