Undoubtedly, the year 2019 was a very busy period for Aflofarm. The 12 new drugs introduced to the company's product portfolio clearly show that Aflofarm is not only a recognizable leader in the OTC market, but also occupies new fields in the prescription product group. Currently, the company's product portfolio includes 107 OTC drugs - available over-the-counter, and 36 Rp medicines - available upon prescription.

- In the course of our activity we focus both on innovative solutions and on generic drugs, which allow us to quickly implement effective therapies. What is important is that the price is adjusted to the capabilities of Polish patients - asserts Jacek Furman, President at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska. Furthermore, safety and quality are also as important: we operate in accordance with the implemented standards of manufacturing, control and pharmacotherapy supervision – he adds.

So what can you find in last year's prescription novelties?

First of all, Neosine Duo in the form of tablets. It is an innovative product with an original composition, dedicated to people with suppressed immunity, recommended for cases of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, states of increased demand for zinc, as well as in the treatment of lip and facial cold sores caused by the common herpes virus.

- The efficacy of the drug is based on a unique worldwide combination of two active substances: pranobex inosine and gluconate zinc – claims Hanna Wahl, Development Director at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska. Inosine pranobex has an antiviral effect and increases the body's immunity, while zinc supports the body's immune system, and provides both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. One tablet contains 1 g of inosine pranobex and 6.25 ions of zinc gluconate. Neosine Duo has been recognized by doctors and patients as an effective solution to viral infections, which constitute a common health problem, both in children and adults, especially during the autumn-winter season.

Another novelty that undoubtedly deserves attention is Sulovas in the form of soft capsules. It is worth noting that this is the first biological medical product in the company's portfolio. One capsule contains 250 LSU of sulodexide. It ensures anti-thrombotic effects on arterial and venous vessels. It also normalizes increased blood viscosity in people with vascular lesions and a risk of thrombosis as well as reduces lipid concentration.

- So far, only one drug containing sulodexide has been available on the Polish market. Sulovas provides a suitable alternative and increases the availability of appropriate therapy for patients – comments Hanna Wahl.

Bexon injection solution has also been added to the portfolio.
- The product is recommended for people with symptoms of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 deficiency, which cannot be supplemented by correcting the dietary habits. It is particularly suitable for patients suffering from systemic neurological disease – asserts Hanna Wahl.

The company also decided to expand its activities in the group of urological drugs. Solifurin, 5 mg and 10 mg, film-coated tablets, is used for the treatment of symptomatic, urgent urinary incontinence and frequent urinary incontinence and urgency, which may occur in patients with overactive bladder syndrome.
- It is worth noting that the product received a refund from the Ministry of Health – adds Hanna Wahl.

What is new in terms of OTC?

The 8 new positions on the over-the-counter products market start with Solvetusan.

- It is the first equivalent of the only drug on the Polish market containing levodropropysine, an active substance recommended in children for unproductive dry cough - and this in the form of syrup. It is important because the product can be administered already from the age of 2 years. – recommends director Wahl.

It is worth adding that the substance is included in the current recommendations of NPOA (National Programme for Antibiotic Protection).

Aflofarm's line of dermatological drugs has also been expanded with Maxicortan. The drug in the form of a cream with a double active substance dose is applied topically in skin inflammations, in cases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic contact eczema, urticaria, reactions occurring after stinging or biting by insects (such as itching and irritation). The product contains the maximum over-the-counter dose of hydrocortisone available on the Polish market (10 mg/g).

Furthermore, the highest dose available on the Polish market, this time in terms of melatonin, can be found in Melabiorytm, in the form of tablets. Melatonin plays an important role in the regulation of biological circadian rhythm. It regulates the hours of sleep and wakefulness during the day. It is used as an auxiliary agent in sleep disorders associated with changing time zones or shift work.

- There are as many as 1.8 million blind or partially sighted people in Poland who are particularly vulnerable to daily rhythm disorders. Melabiorytm facilitates the regulation of daily sleep and wakefulness in blind patients – adds Wahl.

Another new drug, dedicated for mature women, is Novostella, in tablet form. The product supplements deficiencies of DHEA hormone in the body, which can delay the aging process.
- Scientific studies have shown that the level of DHEA in the body decreases with age. A deficiency of DHEA in women entails a decrease in the level of estrogen hormones, which is felt mainly by women in the permenopausal period, i.e. over 45 years of age – she explains. The DHEA substance also has a supportive effect on the skin ( it reduces skin pigmentation, strengthens the epidermis), weight (helps reduce obesity), as well as physical and mental fitness (improves mood, sleep quality, improves thinking processes).

Aflofarm also introduced a product dedicated to men. DX2LEK in the form of liquid used on the scalp, is designed to treat androgenic alopecia.

- DX2LEK contains minoxidil - the only active ingredient available in over-the-counter drugs, which effectively inhibits hair loss and stimulates hair growth – claims Hanna Wahl.

The novelties that have appeared in the company's portfolio also include: Medispirant Stepspray, a medicine in the form of a spray, which applied to the skin of the feet reduces excessive perspiration by inhibiting the activity of the sweat glands, and Aroma-Activ in the form of an ointment, used to relieve the symptoms of cold.

The OTC segment is closed by Oraseptan - an antiseptic and topical anaesthetic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal drug. Thanks to the applicator, it is comfortable to use and can be applied exactly to the sore area.

- More and more Poles wear braces and dentures. Oraseptan is recommended for use in oral inflammations, gingivitis, but also in infections and ulcers of the oral cavity mucosa (aphthae, thrush), including those resulting from injuries caused by braces and dentures.

As you can see from the review above, Aflofarm's range of medicinal products is developing very dynamically, and both in the Rp and OTC categories. Further projects aimed at introducing new medicinal products to the market are underway. Caring for the patient's needs, as well as improving relations with the environment of doctors and pharmacists in order to exchange relevant information on pharmacotherapy, are the main values to which the company adheres.

- We invest significant resources in the development of our products, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and equipment for the production of finished forms of medicines. We are glad that the company's competitive advantage is its ability to quickly introduce innovative solutions. Thus, for 30 years we have been able to stand on the side of health of our Polish compatriots – underlines Jacek Furman, President at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.