The Top Medical Trends congress, a large event addressed to doctors, which is a medical summary of the past year, has come to an end. For several years, leaders of various fields of medicine have been meeting in Poznań to talk about the changes taking place throughout the industry. Over 20 fields of medicine were represented at the congress. Participants took part in dozens of sessions as well as workshops and discussions. There were also talks about the latest recommendations, guidelines and challenges facing Polish medicine. This year, the Congress was visited by over 4,000 doctors from all over the country.

Aflofarm was present at the Congress with a satellite session, during which two lectures were held:  “Acetylsalicylic acid in current cardiological standards” - conducted by Jarosław Kasprzak, MD PhD. and “Clinical application of CEFIKSYM in selected infectious diseases” - led by Marcin Tkaczyk, MD PhD. Participation in such events constitutes a very important element of cooperation with doctors and spreading the knowledge about new Aflofarm products.