Artishoq is a new brand of products for comprehensive hair care launched together with the famous hairdressing artist Jaga Hupało. It was created for women who desire professionalism at home. The basis of Artishoq cosmetics is artichoke extract with strong strengthening and protective properties, thanks to which hair becomes more durable, shiny and disciplined.

Artishoq line includes a creamy hair bath - a shampoo that simultaneously cleans and cares for hair and scalp. It is complemented by two conditioners: express moisturizing treatment and express treatment that protects and preserves color. For more demanding hair, there is a regenerating hair mousse in the form of a mask and a multifunctional leave-on treatment - serum, which contains as many as 10 precious active ingredients: artichoke extract, rice proteins, aloe vera extract, natural betaine, blueberry extract, caviar extract, olive oil, vitamin E, pearl powder and provitamin B5.
- The priority in creating the brand was to understand the needs of different women," asserts Jaga Hupało - an outstanding hair expert, hair stylist and owner of Born To Create studio. I wanted to create products which would benefit from the power of nature but also be enriched with knowledge provided by biotechnology.

The work took almost 5 years, but resulted in products based on extracts of natural origin with proven effectiveness of plant ingredients. They can be found both in the active ingredients - for example, the line's leading artichoke extract, caviar, aloe vera juice and pentavitin, but also in basic and washing ingredients.

What can we find in Artishoq cosmetics?

First of all - artichoke extract, which strengthens hair cuticle while giving it a healthy shine. Aloe extract and hyaluronic acid moisturize and provide an additional protective barrier. Caviar shows strong moisturizing properties, and thanks to the content of valuable elements, proteins, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids it improves the functioning of skin and hair cells. Apart from plant extract, also plant oils are used in all Artishoq cosmetics. Poppy seed oil prevents moisture loss, improves the condition of hair in the long term and provides shine. The mixture of coconut, macadamia and cottonseed oils nourishes, softens and moisturizes hair and protects the ends from splitting and revitalizes dry or damaged hair. Sunflower oil and olive oil are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, important for hair growth and strengthening.
The Artishoq brand is based on environmentally friendly active ingredients of natural origin, most of the ingredients used are biodegradable. The production of packaging uses recycled plastic, in order not to use new raw materials as much as possible, but to reuse existing ones. As a result, the production of packaging uses fewer new resources.

In addition to cosmetics in the Artishoq line you will find two food supplements: Healthy and beautiful hair with biotin and Healthy and beautiful hair with horsetail - both strengthening hair, skin and nails.
The products from Artishoq line are available since May only in Rossmann chain.

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