As part of the “Biegniemy Po-MOC” (“Running to Help”) campaign, Aflofarm's employees collect kilometers covered together and, afterwards, the company then converts them into financial support for employees whose children are struggling with health problems.

The Biegniemy Po-Moc! initiative is coordinated by Aflofarm Active Team - a sports team composed of the company's employees. The AAT includes the following sections: running, football, volleyball, bowling and cycling. 

We have created a harmonious team of enthusiasts who are willing to take on new challenges. There was an idea to use this energy for a noble cause. We want to help our colleagues whose children are facing serious health problems. Thus, our activity makes more sense, because it translates into real-time support – asserts Dorota Cieplucha, head of the running section at Aflofarm Active Team.

This year, support will go to the parents of little Natalka and Staś. There are a few important starts ahead of the runners. You can collect kilometers until the end of the year.