Aflofarm's portfolio has been expanded with Diohespan max in the form of an oral powder - another medication from the OTC category. It contains the highest 1,000 mg dose of diosmin (Diosminum) available on the market.

Diohespan max is an OTC medicine in the form of an oral powder that you should sprinkle directly on your tongue and swallow. If needed, you can sip it with water or suspend it in a small amount of water, and drink it afterwards. The medication is indicated for application in case of symptoms of chronic venous circulation insufficiency of lower limbs: pains and nocturnal leg cramps, feeling of heavy legs, leg varices, leg edema (swelling, leg swelling) as well as dilatation of very small venous vessels, so called spider veins. It is also indicated for symptomatic treatment of anal varicose veins (hemorrhoids).

One sachet contains 1,000 mg of micronized disomine (Diosminum) and excipients, including benzyl alcohol, fructose, sucrose and glucose.

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