“We Love Pabianice” foundation, which belongs to  Aflofarm Farmacja Polska, decided to support the Pabianice Medical Centre by donating a modern respirator dedicated for intensive medical care.

The highest incidence of COVID-19 in Poland has so far - as of Tuesday, 24th March - been recorded in Mazovia (175), followed by Łódź Voivodeship (111). The majority of people infected with the virus experience mild symptoms, however some of them suffer from more serious ailments and may require hospital care. In this case, access to respirators may constitute a key factor for effective treatment of patients.

“We Love Pabianice” foundation, which has been supporting the local medical community for years and has thus actively contributed to the city's development, decided to help this time as well. The Foundation managed to purchase the Axcent Lyra X2 respirator, worth almost 100,000 PLN, and donate it to the intensive care unit of the Pabianice Medical Centre.

- We have been supporting the facility for many years, contributing to the improvement of health and comfort of patients. We do not forget about doctors and nurses either. We would like the specialists from our hospital to work in the best conditions and on the best equipment there is. That is why this time we decided to hand over to the Pabianice hospital a state-of-the-art ventilator suitable for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. In truth, I truly wish it was never needed at all, but in the current situation it is the equipment that can really save lives”- says Andrzej Furman, President of the “We Love Pabianice” foundation.

The Axcent Lyra X2, also known as the artificial lung, is a device that intensively supports or completely replaces the patient's muscles during respiratory work. In the case of coronavirus infection that attacks the lungs, it gives the patient time and strength to fight the disease.

- People infected with SARS-CoV-2, suffering from severe respiratory failure, will absolutely need to be connected to a respirator. During the treatment process, it may not be the number of beds that proves crucial, but access to a respirator. We are truly grateful for such great gift to the residents of Pabianice - asserts Dr Włodzimierz Abramowicz, Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care.

A specialized respirator constitutes another form of support provided to the Pabianice Medical Center by Aflofarm and its foundation. In recent years, the beneficiaries included the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit, which received medical equipment worth about 600,000 PLN, the Rehabilitation Unit, which was equipped with 58 specialist beds, and the Urology Unit, which received funds to purchase a holmium laser.

- We stand on the side of health, therefore social responsibility, health prevention and support of medical facilities have always comprised an important element of our activity. The proof of this is the "We Love Pabianice" foundation, which is one of two foundations belonging to Aflofarm. It has been supporting the Pabianice Medical Center for over 9 years. We are glad that by donating the respirator we could provide help once again - not only to the hospital, but also the people of Pabianice treated in the facility – underlines Jacek Furman, President of the Board at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.