The "Superproduct" competition has been organized by the "Świat Kobiety" monthly for 14 years now. This year, nearly 200 products were submitted across 8 categories. Amongst them, the jurors, editors and readers selected 63 best ones, including RedBlocker repair concentrate for sensitive and capillary skin, which received the title of Editor's Dazzle.

The jury's justification reads as follows: We appreciate this product for its multi-directional action: super-soothing, redness-reducing and strengthening, because this is what demanding capillary skin needs.

How does the concentrate work?

RedBlocker repair concentrate is a dermocosmetic product designed for daily care of sensitive and capillary skin. The preparation consists of a concentrated two-phase formula.

The water phase contains an optimal concentration of active ingredients that effectively and quickly eliminate redness as well as seal, strengthen and protect the fragile walls of blood vessels. In addition, they intensively moisturize, regenerate and nourish delicate skin. The oil phase supports the action of components of the water phase and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL), keeping the skin deeply hydrated.

When shaken, the two phases combine to form a homogeneous, light and silky texture that is perfectly absorbed, does not clog pores and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. The preparation provides thorough renewal of sensitive or capillary skin. Significantly improves the condition of the skin and immediately soothes irritation. Makes the skin optimally moisturized, soothed and elastic, and visibly reduces redness.

This year, the jury was made up of:
• Grażyna Wolszczak - actress known from "Na Wspólnej", "Pierwsza miłość" TV series and from the "Ja wam pokaże" movie. Founder of Garnizon Sztuki Foundation and theater
• Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska - theater and television actress, known from "Klan" TV series.
• Katarzyna Dowbor - journalist running the "Nasz nowy dom" program, author of the book "Apetyt na życie".
• Marta Manowska - journalist, host of the programs "Rolnik szuka żony", "Sanatorium miłości", "The Voice Senior" and "Ośmiu wspaniałych".
• Joanna Chatizow - cosmetologist, specialist in health promotion and public health, author and co-author of books and professional publications
• Natalia Ruszkowska-Tabor - author of the "Poezja Smaku" culinary blog, co-creator of the platform Influence Me
• Hanna Wojciechowska-Schwarz - Head of Beauty Department in "Świat Kobiety" monthly
• Aleksandra Lorkowska - Deputy Publishing Director at Bauer Publishing House