Safe storage and distribution

All products are manufactured and stored in thoroughly monitored conditions so as to ensure maintenance the proper quality of the products.

+ We control the distribution process in our own pharmaceutical wholesaler - we follow the principles of Good Distribution Practices, thus ensuring excellent quality, consistency and safety of our products from the moment they enter the warehouse to the moment they are placed on the pharmacy shelves. GDP includes, amongst others, top-tier qualified personnel, who are constantly trained in their competence, facilities that are perfectly adapted to warehousing, meticulous documentation and complaint-handling system. GDP guarantees safe receipt, transport, storage and release of products.
+ We optimize and develop the space in which we store our products. One of the state-of-the-art solutions is the high storage warehouse - the highest building in Pabianice. The warehouse is equipped with an innovative, fire protection system - inerting, which is still rare in Poland. Inerting reduces the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere to 13.8%, so that no fire combustion may occur. Specialized ventilation also ensures full safety of stored products. It is a very modern warehouse, it is fully automated and allows to reduce the number of people involved in the storage process.