Bioliq DERMO CICA cream intensively regenerating after dermatological treatments Bioliq DERMO Krem CICA intensywnie regenerujący po zabiegach dermatologicznych

Bioliq DERMO CICA cream intensively regenerating after dermatological treatments

It accelerates the regeneration of irritated epidermis. Moisturizes, soothes and eases the skin. It enhances the effects of anti-aging treatments.  
CICA • Cu-Zn-Mg complex

Pharmaceutical form cream. 30 ml

Pharmaceutical form cream. 30 ml

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Recommended after dermatological treatments:
The cream is intended for everyday use after dermatological treatments (e.g. chemical peels, epilation, dermabrasion, mesotherapy) and aesthetic medicine treatments (e.g. fractional laser), as well as after permanent make-up treatments. Intended for even highly irritated skin.

Accelerates regeneration, moisturizes and soothes the skin:
It contains bioactive Asiatic Centella, which, thanks to the active Asiaticoside, stimulates the processes of metabolism of connective tissue, accelerating the regeneration of irritated skin. The cream intensely moisturizes and at the same time soothes the irritated skin after the treatment, reducing redness, burning, dryness and roughness of the skin.

Protects irritated skin:
The cream contains a combination of minerals: zinc, copper and magnesium, which have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, helping to protect the skin against infections caused by microdamages to the skin. In addition, it has a positive effect on the oxygenation of skin cells, accelerating the regeneration process of the epidermis.

Enhances the effects of anti-aging treatments:
The cream has been enriched with acerola extract with a high concentration of vitamin C, thanks to which it improves its elasticity, smoothing and firming, enhancing the effects of anti-aging treatments, and visibly rejuvenating the skin.

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