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DX2 anti grey hair shampoo

DX2 anti grey hair shampoo for men&nbsp. Gradually restores the natural dark colour to hair with regular use. Protects the natural pigmentation of hair follicles. For daily hair care and wash.

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Peruvian rhatany (Krameria Lappacea) root extract; common broom (Cytisus Scoparius) extract; walnut extract; brown algae Cystoseira Compressa extract, beer yeast extract



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Aflofarm Farmacja Polska Spółka z o.o.

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Cosmetics are substances intended for external contact with the human body: skin, hair, lips, nails, external genitals, teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth, used solely or principally for their purity, care, protection, perfumery or beautification.

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