On the ground of responding to humanitarian crisis and turmoil in Ukraine Aflofarm Farmacja Polska have committed to deliver financial, pharmacological and psychological assistance to the Ukrainians.

As a family business, we are actively dedicated and committed to support the families affected by the conflict in Ukraine by donating 1m PLN to the victims of war.
500 thousand PLN of humanitarian aid. We hope it will be a meaningful relief to the war-affected Ukrainians.

500 thousand PLN of pharmacological aid by shipping over 70 thousand packs of essential medicines and medical supplies to assist the Ukrainians.

  • we have withheld to cooperate with Russia and Belarus, including withheld shipment of goods already manufactured for delivery to Belarus
  • we have cancelled audit of the Ministry of Health in Belarus, scheduled for this week,
  • we have set up stockpiles of essential supplies for distribution to families and children fleeing Ukraine who found shelter and protection in Polish homes and aid centres,
  • we are about to make more job openings for Ukrainian refugees,
  • we are working with Lodz City authorities and attending meetings of the Material Reserves Agency on how we can take action to provide medical support.
    In this time of upheaval, we also provide psychological support to our staff and employees, particularly those for whom this conflict is a personal trauma and tragedy.
Our staff’s fleeing war relatives will be assisted in finding a shelter or in relocating.
We want to support each of our Ukrainian employees with 2000 PLN so that they can send the money to their relatives or use it in order to bring their families to Poland.
In peacetime our motto is „With health in mind”, today we join our efforts and maximise our endeavours „With Ukraine in mind”.

With #health in mind. With #ukraineinmind.