In the face of war and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine,  Aflofarm has actively committed to deliver help and assistance. The Pabianice-based pharmaceutical family company donated 500 thousand polish zloty as humanitarian aid. We have also donated pharmacological aid worth nearly 200 thousand polish zloty.

- Initially, we have donated 500 thousand polish zloty as pharmacological aid, yet with time we have come to realize that the needs are far greater. To that end, pharmaceutical products and medicines worth over 2m PLN have already left our warehouses – says Jacek Furman, the CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

We have decided to support both those who stayed in Ukraine and those who found refuge in Poland.
Nearly 100,000 medical supplies and lifesaving medicines (with the help of the Materials Reserves Agency) were shipped directly to Ukrainian hospitals. Another 98,000 was provided by Aflofarm to support Łódź Voivodeship Office, Voivodeship Medical Rescue Station, the Ossa Hotel, where almost 1,600 children from Ukraine, and Ptak Humanitarian Aid Center - the largest refugee aid centre in Poland.

- Aid to the Ukraine at war is essential, yet we are flooded with letters requesting aid here in Poland. It is important to make sure that also those temporarily displaced who found refuge in Poland will receive pharmacological support they need. – adds Furman.

Donations of supplies and in-kind are not the only examples of the act of solidarity with the suffering Ukraine as Aflofarm have decided to put business relations with Russia and Belarus on hold, withhold shipments of consignments already manufactured for Belarusian market, we have also cancelled an audit of the Belarusian Minister of Health.

Aflofarm have also offered, on the free-of-charge basis, psychological support to all our staff and employees for whom this conflict is a personal trauma and tragedy and to those fleeing war we offered to assist in finding a refuge accommodation or to relocate, if they choose so, as we decided to pay extra 2000 PLN to every Aflofarm employee who has Ukrainian background so that they can further support their families or relatives.

We have joined our efforts to commit to an unusual project – Aflofarm stockpile of essentials and supplies, blankets, clothes, duvets and pillows, bed linen, disinfecting chemicals and hygiene products, and food. Every employee who engaged in providing aid to refugees can draw from the stockpile to cater for whatever is needed to aid a Ukrainian family they have undertaken to help.