For the second time  Aflofarm Farmacja Polska has been ranked 1st in Forbes Top Family Companies from Łódź Voivodship with the revenue yield of over PLN 100 million. The award honours more than 32 years of Aflofarm operation in the pharmaceutical industry, preventive healthcare, health promoting lifestyle and fostering wellbeing of Poles.  

On October 19, the Forbes Family Business Forum dedicated to companies from Łódź and Świętokrzyskie Voivodships and the gala crowning the event, held at Fabryka Wełna Hotel & SPA in Pabianice, was accompanied by an award ceremony for companies from Łódź Voivodship with the revenue yield of over PLN 100 million.

Aflofarm Farmacja Polska, established 32 years ago by Andrzej Furman, for more than 10 years now run by his sons: Jacek, Wojciech and Tomasz was the winner.

The company from Pabianice ranked first for the second time - first time in 2019. Earlier, in 2018, Aflofarm was granted a distinction award by the Forbes monthly as a socially responsible company. For over 32 years Aflofarm Farmacja Polska has consistently continued its operations in the field of pharmacy, preventive healthcare, health promoting lifestyle and fostering wellbeing of patients both in Poland and in more than 30 foreign markets. It is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the Polish market, the product portfolio comprises over 200 different medications- Rx - prescription medicines and OTC - available over the counter. The company currently employs around 1,200 people - including entire families and is one of the most pivotal employers in Łódź Voivodship and constantly expanding.

- For years, we have been building Aflofarm culture around important philosophies and values, the core of which is health. We do care about life, health and wellbeing of patients by offering featured Rx and OTC medications. I take great pride in the fact that the company, that I run together with my brothers, is growing so dynamically and markets products of the highest quality and efficacy in Poland and overseas - says Jacek Furman, Aflofarm CEO. - I am also happy that, as a family business, we set a good example how to develop a business and lead the way. We are a family and a strong team steadfast in the pursuit of goals - he adds.

During the Forbes Family Business Forum, representatives of Polish family businesses addressed the issue of the post-pandemic reality of recovery, maintaining profitability when faced with challenges like rising costs of raw materials, energy, labour, or interrupted supply chains, or inflation. Andrzej Furman, founder of Aflofarm, took the floor.

Aflofarm, though growth-oriented, does not lay aside its social responsibilities. As a health advocate, the company is engaged in a number of activities through its two foundations - My Kochamy Pabianice and the Aflofarm Foundation – to instill health promotion, healthy habits, pro-health education and to improve the wellbeing of inhabitants of Pabianice and the whereabouts. Just to name a few: report publications ("Poles one year after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic outbreak"), nationwide pro-health campaign ("Avoid burnout at the start"), or pharmacist-support campaign ("Pharmacist at first") - for which the Aflofarm Foundation is responsible or PLN 800,000 donated by My kochamy Pabianice foundation to revitalise the Kindler Mausoleum in Pabianice, the same which donated respirators, specialised equipment and beds to the Pabianice hospital as well as hosted balls and charity dinners for local purposes.