Vectors are economic awards of Employers of Poland presented for over 20 years now to businesses, exceptional entrepreneurs and personalities from the world of business, culture and media in recognition for their extraordinary contribution or remarkable impact on the growth of Polish business and economy, cultural life and media.
Super Vector, awarded to contributors for their remarkable and outstanding work like support for Ukraine went to Aflofarm, amongst other honourable awardees recognised with ‘2022 Vectors’.

Support and community service are at the core of our values and we are pleased to say we have been making good on this commitment primarily through our CSR programme. And we are more than happy to say that when a moment of crisis and turmoil came, like many other peer multinationals, we have risen to it and have chosen to respond to the conflict in Ukraine, the decision to which we stand firm and will continue to support citizens of Ukraine until peace is achieved - these actions being consistent with Aflofarm’s values and the evolving role corporations are playing around the world.

Stand with Ukraine - With humanity at its core

We couldn’t be prouder to say that Aflofarm, the family business operating in biopharmaceutical sector known locally as playing a role in leading on societal issues and addressing underserved communities have signed up immediately with our downpayment of 2.5 m Polish Zloty to support humanitarian relief both for the Ukrainians fighting for their sovereignty and freedom and their families. This included the previously announced donation and delivering medicines to people in Ukraine and those who fled to find refuge in Poland.

Parallelly, we found a way to take our support beyond what a business in biopharmaceutical sector could do by taking other response efforts including assisting in relocation of refugees from Ukraine or making cash bonuses payments to Ukrainian employees whether to financially support their relatives in need or find refuge shelters for families in Poland.

For leading by example

The last few months saw many more similar initiatives and actions for we stand firm to the decision to continue supporting citizens of Ukraine as long as our eastern neighbours need and as long as it takes to achieve peace. All this work has been recognised by the Employers of Poland who presented Aflofarm with Super Vector Award - "Vector of the Heart" during the annual celebration event of ‘Vectors’.
‘For creating a space where the heart devoted to our Ukrainian Friends won over divisions. For performing this, which seemingly appears to be impossible and for leading by example in circumstances in which Europe found itself for the first time in modern history’ – we read .

At its core our policy of support and bringing help wherever needed does not leave us indifferent to the suffering and misery of other people, and we do our best to make sure every impulse for effort response we make heartily is forged into tangible action. It is the help and sensitivity to the needs of others that make us strong and allow us to lead as a company with ethical principles of integrity, exemplary business conduct and corporate values" - says Jacek Furman, the CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

Super Vector for the President of Ukraine

This year’s 21st edit of ‘2022 Vectors" awarded seven titles to different outstanding personalities from the world of business, culture and politics among whom was the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who was honoured with a special distinction - "Super Vector", as a token of appreciation "for his exemplary steadfast attitude, bravery, resilience and spirit in these most difficult times for Ukraine and the entire Ukrainian nation."