Aflofarm's drug portfolio has been enhanced with InVirum, drug in tablet form for recurrent lip and face herpes and external genital herpes* available without prescription.

inVirum contains an active substance, acyclovir, which inhibits the multiplication of Herpes simplex and accelerates the healing of skin lesions**.

Seemingly innocent symptoms in the form of painful bubbles in intimate areas of the body may constitute symptoms of genital herpes. Ailments related to this area are often very uncomfortable, therefore a drug available without a prescription may prove to be an excellent solution.

The drug can only be used in patients who have a history of infection with the common herpes virus.

1 inVirum tablet contains 200 mg of acyclovir (Aciclovirum) and 213.6 mg of monohydrate lactose - an excipient of known effect.  

* Drug in tablet form, available without a prescription, containing acyclovir, indicated for the treatment of both recurrent lip and face herpes and recurrent genital herpes, with reference to URPL data according to the search engine, as of 12.03.2020.
** Herpes viruses - clinical course of infection and therapy, Magdalena Figlerowicz, Przew Lek 2005; 6: 96-103