On 4th November, during the annual celebration of World Diabetes Day, a virtual debate was held under the name “Nurse as the leader in therapeutic education in diabetes”. One of the partners of the event was Aflofarm Farmacja Polska together with its innovative Examedin® glucometer.

During the event organized by the Polish Diabetological Society, issues related to diabetes were discussed, as well as disturbing data about the growing number of patients affected by the disease. In 2019, almost 3 million Polish citizens suffered from diabetes mellitus, and the number is growing on a year-on-year basis. The main topic of the debate was therefore focused on support for people with diabetes, prevention, as well as patients' access to modern therapies - especially now, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the speakers were specialists and doctors in the field of diabetology, representatives of nurses and patients, as well as special guests who have been struggling with different types of diabetes for years.

One of the partners of the event was Aflofarm with its innovative brand Examedin®, which supports patients with diabetes. It is a state-of-the-art system for monitoring blood glucose levels, which is the first one on the market to be equipped with the possibility of assessing the temperature, medication intake and physical effort.

- The determination of additional factors is very important for both the diabetologist and the patient. Thanks to these determinations we can avoid interference with various substances, but most of all eliminate the possibility of false results - explains Tomasz Wilanowski, head of the diabetology department at Aflofarm.

The brand has developed two blood glucose monitoring systems, both designed for user comfort and utmost precision. The Examedin® Fast basic system allows you to create a database of results and reports and transfer them from the device to a computer via USB cable. A more advanced version, Examedin® FAST PRO, connects wirelessly to a mobile application, allowing results to be transferred and saved on the fly, thus creating a self-monitoring diary available on the phone.

More about glucose meters, but also about the other products of the Examedin® family at: www.examedin.com.