Aflofarm Farmacja Polska has won the OFFICE SUPERSTAR 2019 competition in the “Best Office in Łódź” category. The goal of the Office Oscars is to promote workplaces that are employee-friendly as well as combine comfort with functionality while following the latest trends.

Aflofarm offices are located at Lipowa Street in Pabianice in the former factory buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This place is abundant with the history of textile business and creates a climate that many employers can envy. This is mainly due to the combination of concrete, wooden and glass elements, which not only reflect the previous climate of this space, but also the character of people who make up Aflofarm. These features certainly include transparency, openness and curiosity about new solutions. In addition, the rooms and corridors have been enriched with works of art that result from the passion of Andrzej Furman - the founder of Aflofarm.

- We spend 8 hours in the office every day, thus it becomes our second home. Hence it is important to ensure that the surrounding space not only supports us in business, but also gives a sense of comfort. At the same time, the office serves as our showcase, and the highest quality of space contributes to the highest quality of our work. In many cases, the workplace is the determining factor when choosing the right career path – asserts Jacek Furman, President at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

Keep calm!

The main conference room, located in the office at Lipowa Street, has a specific name - Paperclip. There is a reason for this. It's a place that clips together the ideas, concepts and characters of various people. Aflofarm's employees have common goals, but different personalities, and it is thanks to these differences that unconventional ideas come to life. The conference room, which literally resembles a “paperclip”, also shows how important contact is for the company - its walls are glazed and the location is the very heart of the office.

The author of the project is Michał Winiarski from Pracownia C13.