The Bioliq brand has once again proved that it can create a product worthy of recognition. Bioliq Pro Intensive eye serum won the title of Excellence of the Year 2019 organized by Twój Styl magazine  in the category of PHARMACY COSMETICS: Care for delicate parts of the face. What contributes to the success of this product?

Bioliq is designed to ensure anti-wrinkle properties by moisturizing and making the skin more firm. Such effects are possible due to the product's ingredients such as wheat germ extract or low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, amongst others. The rich composition of the serum makes the skin nourished and bright. The packaging adapted to the product has been additionally equipped with massaging balls that gently improve microcirculation and provide a feeling of cooling, thus giving a quick relief for tired and sensitive skin around the eyes. The modern manner of application of the product affects the absorption of the serum deep into the skin, and improves thus its effectiveness.

- We are proud that we have created a product that combines two important features that synergistically confirm that skin care around the eyes does not have to be complicated. The product's recipe focused on wheat germ extract and its interesting, and at the same time extremely functional, packaging make it more attractive. The fact that the product received the 2019 Excellence of the Year award is extremely important to us, the more that it is the third consecutive distinction for the Bioliq brand in this competition - sums up Olga Wieczorek, Bioliq Brand Manager.

Thus far, the Bioliq brand has won awards in the Twój Styl magazine competition thanks to products such as Bioliq Pro Intensive Moisturizing Serum (2018) and two products from the Bioliq Specialist line (2017).

The Excellence of the Year of Twój Styl plebiscite has been one of the largest and most prestigious cosmetic competitions in Poland in the last 25 years. This year, the chapter consisted of people from the world of show business, such as: Magdalena Cielecka, Agnieszka Grochowska, Monika Olejnik, Joanna Kulig and people appointed by the organizers - Monika Krokiewicz/publisher of Twój Styl, Elżbieta Kowalewska – Olędzka/dermatologist, Ewa Sarnowicz/Head of the Beauty Style Department.

Products selected by the jury must be both unique and efficient. These are brands that the committee members can safely recommend to their readers. The categories include exclusive, natural or pharmacy cosmetics. This year's title could have been awarded to products that entered the Polish market from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019. Announcement of results will be available in the in the issue 12 of Twój Styl.

The entity responsible for the brand is Aflofarm Farmacja Polska