Aflofarm Farmacja Polska ranked 1st in the Family Companies Ranking organized by Forbes, in the category of companies with income over 100 million PLN in the Łódź Province. This year's competition constitutes the second edition of the ranking as well as marks the second time for Aflofarm to be recognized with an award.

This year’s ceremony included a discussion on whether it pays off to be a family business in Poland and whether such entrepreneurs should be treated differently from the rest of the economic sector.

- First of all, we would like to thank our family. For us, the family consists of more than a thousand employees who build the value of Aflofarm every day, together with us - said Wojciech Furman, Member of the Board, upon receiving the award.

Forbes' undertaking is aimed at integrating family business communities and promoting their entrepreneurship. It also serves as an opportunity to exchange experiences between the owners of companies from various industries. The organisers want to promote those of them that adhere to clear rules and honesty. They present companies that are characterized by credibility, reliability and transparency. An important criterion is also the activity in supporting the development of the local community, i.e. the so-called CSR action.

On the podium, right next to Aflofarm, were companies such as: TME sp. z o.o. or Ceramika Paradyż sp. z o.o.