Aflofarm Farmacja Polska has been nominated for the Economic Award of the Łódź Voivode. The nomination applied to Desmoxan - a drug containing cytisine, used to treat tobacco addiction in the innovation category. The gala took place on 15th June at the Royal Castle in Łęczyca.

During the gala, Andrzej Furman, the founder of Aflofarm, received the honorable nomination.

As a pharmaceutical company, we are particularly proud of Desmoxan, primarily because of the extraordinary social role our medicine played in the field of fighting nicotinism in Poland. After the launch of Desmoxan, cytisine has become one of the main elements in combating nicotinism in Poland, and the product's advertising campaign resulted in a significant increase in the consumption of cytisine in our country. According to scientific publications, it was the main reason why 500,000 people quit smoking in the years 2013 - 2014”, asserts Andrzej Furman.

This year, the Economic Award of the Łódź Voivode was granted for the fifteenth time. The competition honors companies that have contributed to the development and modernization of the economy in the Łódź region.

Submissions were evaluated by a jury consisting of representatives of the world of science, economic and social organizations, heads of public institutions and the media. The award is honorary and the competition enjoys unflagging interest and high prestige among entrepreneurs in the Łódź region.

Desmoxan is a medicine that contains the active substance cytisine, which is similar to nicotine. Cytisine gradually displaces nicotine from the body. As a result, nicotine addiction is reduced and it is possible to stop smoking without signs of abstinence (nicotine craving).