Aflofarm's portfolio of cosmetics has been expanded by Elumaxin. The cosmetic contains chlorhexidine, which supports protection against caries and keeps the gums in good condition.

Elumaxin classic is a new, specialized mouthwash, which joined Aflofarm's portfolio at the end of 2020. Chlorhexidine contained in the product protects the enamel by reducing the accumulation of plaque, which can be the cause of, among others, bad breath. Elumaxin provides a feeling of freshness and cleanliness for a long time, what is more, it does not contain alcohol - making it an optimal solution for sensitive gums and teeth.

Chlorhexidine is a well-known mouthwash ingredient that indicates strong antibacterial
properties, works for up to 12 hours and, most importantly, is not absorbed into the digestive tract.

Chlorhexidine is recommended for people with surgical splints, orthodontic treatment, implants and prosthetic restorations, therefore Elumaxin classic is especially recommended for people both before and after dental treatments to soothe the resulting gum irritation or redness.
Elumaxin packaging contains 220 ml of liquid and is equipped with a convenient measure for dosing the product. Also available in mint flavor.