According to research conducted by the National Institute of Public Health, almost every third (28 percent) adult resident of Poland declared to have gained weight during the pandemic. If this problem also concerns you and you do not know how to deal with extra kilograms, take part in a meeting with a prominent doctor and nutritionist - Dariusz Włodarek.

The year-long pandemic is increasingly affecting the health and fitness of Poles. Stress, decrease in physical activity due to restrictions, snacking "out of boredom" or introduction of remote work limiting daily movement are just a few of the factors that contribute to the accumulation of excess weight kilograms every day.

With the onset of the pandemic, the rate of weight gain among Poles was much higher than it is now, as shown by research conducted between March 25 and April 19, 2020 by the Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The results show that at that time during the isolation each Pole gained an average of 2 kg, which means that the average rate of weight gain was about 0.5 kg per week!
Currently, most of us have already adapted to the new rules and restrictions, and after more than a year since the pandemic, we are more aware of the health risks resulting from an inappropriate, somewhat forced lifestyle. Despite this, almost 1/3 of Poles still cannot cope with the lack of motivation and excess weight.

In order to help all those who, in the era of pandemics, do not know how to fight the emerging overweight and what nutritional changes to introduce, we invite you to live with an eminent specialist - Dariusz Włodarek, PhD, professor of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, doctor and nutritionist.

We will start this Thursday (April 15) at 7 p.m.! During the meeting it will be possible to ask questions both in the chat and in the comments under the event.

The action is organized by the Examedin Fast brand and the Najsłodsi Foundation. Aflofarm is a partner of Facebook Live.