EmpowerPL - an international mentoring program aimed at connecting young Poles studying in the country and across Europe with the heads of the largest Polish companies, as well as public and scientific institutions - has just been launched. Jacek Furman, the President of Aflofarm, became one of the mentors in this year’s edition of the program.

The recruitment for the international mentoring program EmpowerPL was opened on Saturday, 24th November, during a solemn ball held in London. Young Poles who study at universities throughout Europe can submit their applications via www.empowerpl.com until 24th December. Candidates will be selected based on three criteria: academic achievements, professional experience and social activity. The top 100 students will be assigned to mentors.

Such meetings constitute an opportunity to talk about the challenges faced by students and learn about the organizations managed by mentors.

Talking with a mentor constitutes a great opportunity to consult the person who has achieved success and has obtained an abundance of experience. I myself, like many Poles studying in the UK, had to decide if I wanted to return to Poland after graduation. Talking to my mentor helped me a lot - asserts Jakub Łabuń, a graduate of economics at Oxford, who participated in last year's EmpowerPL.

What do young people expect when thinking about mentoring? 17% of students, who were asked by Boston Consulting Group about their opinions, believe that having a mentor can significantly increase the chances of success in the professional field. 25% of students count on the mentor to assess the accuracy of their professional decisions, and 23% would like their mentors to help them stay focused on their professional plans. Students also count on recommendations concerning their individual careers along with a chance to accompany the mentor during his or her work day in order to obtain the chance to see the work of the president up close.

Jacek Furman, the President of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska, will undertake mentoring over one of the participants of this year's edition of the program. He will share his managerial experience and provide individual advice regarding the further career development of his mentee.

Meetings of mentors with mentees are planned for 2019.