We have been again recognised by Wprost Magazine as Poland’s biggest company established with the Polish capital, one of those who managed to go through war crisis and economic turmoil with the upper hand, while successfully able to maintain continuous growth and development trend.  When it comes to pharma business  - we have been awarded the title of ‘Gepard Biznesu 2022’  - for the revenue growth dynamics and reported net earnings figure.  

Over thirty years of operations have shown we have grown to become the leading manufacturer of the pharmaceutical sector. We understand the company’s ventures and undertakings remain not without a meaningful impact on the national economy, its growth and prosperity which could justify why we have been proudly listed in the latest publication of 200 Biggest Polish Companies 2023 by Wprost magazine.

Not for the first time Aflofarm, one among the biggest companies with the Polish capital, has been ranked by the Wprost Magazine. IX edit made us realize that neither the rigmarole of the pandemics aftermath nor the war conflict in Ukraine managed to slow down growth dynamics of Polish business. On the contrary, never before since the ranking was created it has looked as good as this year – 200 biggest companies owned by the Polish proprietor generated the annual income figure of 1.3 m PLN on average. The average is over 300 billion greater than in the last year’s edit which was then thought to hit record high.

Gepard Biznesu 2022 Award goes to Aflofarm

Gepard Biznesu is awarded by the European Business Institute with Aflofarm recognised in the category of ‘Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals’ in terms of the market value.

As it has been the fourth decade of company presence in the market, we are pleased to be recognised and awarded in many areas of business operations. All the recognitions granted to Aflofarm seem to prove that the family business is a lot more than just a business model. Family business is more a sort of the potential capitalised in favour of promoting quality of life for next generations – says Jacek Furman, CEO Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

Successful in more than one field

Being successful in multiple fields gained recognition for Aflofarm in 2023, though each award and title actually crowns Aflofarm’s 34 years of operations in the pharmaceutical business, prophylaxis, health care and wellbeing of the Polish people. Third subsequent year we have been number 1 in the Family Business Ranking by Forbes in the category of companies from Lodzkie Voivodhip region with 100 m PLN revenue.

Not for the first time we have been proudly listed in the prestigious Poland’s Best Employers ranking, which leads us to conclude that the stability of employment is our unprecedented strength such that makes us a valuable and desirable employer in the labour market.

Yet, the superbly dear award for us is the ‘2022 Vector of the Heart’ by the Polish Employers granted to Aflofarm as a token of gratitude for our humanitarian aid we have provided and continue to provide to people affected by the war conflict in Ukraine.