With the beginning of 2021, Aflofarm became a beneficiary of ISO 22000 standard certification for "Food Safety Management Systems – a requirement for every organization belonging to the food chain". In the case of Aflofarm, the certification mainly concerns food supplements and shows a unified standard for their safety and hygiene.

The standard was created as a result of combining the principles of HACCP system with the principles of GHP, GMP and elements of quality management system. ISO 22000 is an international standard which defines all the most important principles and requirements concerning food safety, starting from its production, implementation as well as its subsequent distribution to customers. Thus, its most important objective is to control potential threats related to food safety by an enterprise functioning in the food chain. It also allows to systematize the standards previously implemented and examine their effectiveness in relation to the implemented products.

For whom is ISO 22000?

The universal character of the standard allows its application in various organizations, regardless of their size and area of activity. However, the certification is especially beneficial for those companies whose activity is focused on the production of foodstuffs or their derivatives. This includes food supplements, which according to the law are treated as food, because just like food they contain certain nutrients, but in a more concentrated form.

What is more, it is recommended that the standard also be followed by wholesalers, catering companies, representatives of the hotel and restaurant industry, manufacturers of machine equipment, producers of packaging, food additives, as well as persons responsible for transport, i.e. all those entities that may come into contact with products from the food category.

The company's primary goal is to ensure the highest quality of its products. The best evidence for this is the certificate we received for compliance with ISO 22000 - the quality and safety of our food supplements - explains Monika Smolarek, Board Representative for Management Systems at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

High product safety

The implemented ISO 22000 certification brings a number of benefits for the company, its customers, and direct product recipients. The most important of these is the organization's constant supervision of hazards throughout the production process, which in turn translates into increased product quality. This is extremely important as it relates to food safety, or as in the case of Aflofarm's products - to food supplements. Compliance with the accepted standard principles allows for efficient implementation and development of control measures in order to prevent hazards, eliminate them, or minimize them to an acceptable level. The solution also helps to efficiently optimize the use of internal resources, as well as those of the entire supply chain.

What is worth emphasizing is the fact that all the standards required in order to obtain certification were met at Aflofarm before we even started applying for it. The food supplements we manufacture were and are safe, and are manufactured in accordance with the highest hygiene and quality standards, of which the certificate we received is an additional, formal confirmation.