Aflofarm's portfolio of cosmetics has been expanded with Panthen Plus. The product, which supports post-burn skin regeneration, is characterized by the highest concentration of provitamin B5 (panthenol) available on the market.

Panthen Plus is a cosmetic in the form of a cooling foam containing up to 20% D-panthenol, which effectively soothes and moisturizes skin as well as supports its regeneration after thermal burns, excessive sunbathing or depilation.

Within skin, provitamin B5 is transformed into pantothenic acid, which ensures the correct course of metabolic processes in the epidermal cells. Aloe leaf juice reduces unpleasant burning and itching sensations, bringing relief to irritated and reddened skin. Sea-buckthorn oil stimulates regeneration processes and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. Thanks to the content of moisturizing ingredients, Panthen Plus has a nourishing effect, ensuring that the skin maintains an appropriate level of hydration and improving its elasticity.

The gentle foam also allows application to sensitive areas where skin is most irritated and dry, and rubbing can cause discomfort
A package of Panthen Plus contains 150 ml of the foam.

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