Aflofarm foundation is a donor of an analyser of critical parameters to the ICZMP in Lodz. This is yet another time a local hospital received our support.  

With people and their needs in mind

Aflofarm Foundation established to run along Aflofarm Farmacja Polska – the OTC market leader -  which is committed to raising  patient care standards has been honoured to be of help one more time.  This time the beneficiary was the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital which received a critical parameter analyser. This medical equipment is crucial for enabling better accessibility to a number of specialist tests. The donated medical equipment will provide yet another system for the hospital to perform tests like ABG analysis, electrolytes or metabolites. This technologically advanced medical equipment will aid hospital staff to facilitate work in hospital wards thereby improving patient service quality standards.   For over 30 years of presence on the pharmaceutical market, Aflofarm has always been and is continuously committed to health issues thereby to those who need to be aided and supported in terms of healthcare. A variety of initiatives and undertakings with respect to CSR, prevention and prophylaxis or support provided to healthcare facilities has always been at the core of our company mission. This led to establishing the Aflofarm Foundation and the ‘My Kochamy Pabianice” Foundation – two complementary foundations operating in parallel with Aflofarm Farmacja Polska company - which for years now have provided variety of ways of support to healthcare facilities, including the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital. Being aware of our continued support capacity puts more wind in our sail! It is worthwhile to share your success with environment and people who need to be supported on their pathway to regain wellness and wellbeing – says Jacek Furman, the CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

For better hospital care

Donating the analyser of critical parameters is not the only contribution made by Aflofarm Farmacja Polska to the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital.” The contributions by Aflofarm Foundation also included specialised convertible chair-beds for parents and caretakers of hospitalised paediatric patients. By donating convenient and comfortable chairs-convertible-to-beds, the leader of the OTC market has put its mark on fostering the daily comfort of hospital patients by enabling closer and more ongoing contact between paediatric patients and their caretakers.  

Furthermore, ICZMP Lodz is the beneficiary of the state-of-the-art equipment for inhalation sedation donated by ‘My Kochamy Pabianice’ Foundation that can be utilised for reducing consciousness pharmacologically while maintaining contact during therapy or treatment.  Sedation allows for painless administration of anaesthetics to maximise their efficacy, which is particularly important for the youngest patients. This donation resonates well with the wider perspective adopted by My Kochamy Pabianice Foundation which, beside a number of initiatives undertaken for the Pabianice local community, is focused on fostering the comfort of overall healthcare in the region.   Boost hospital patients’ comfort