Oxygenetic by Aflofarm, the brand of dermocosmetics featuring three ranges Energyze, Relift and Acid Peel which has been primed to reinvent skincare and beauty  - one routine at a time – was a celebrating winner of the top innovative beauty products in the 6th edit of Love Cosmetics Awards 2023. Artishoq hair care line has also been awarded. 

Like growing out a beard or fringe, creating a breakthrough beauty product doesn't happen overnight. And neither does spotting one. It takes a process that's equal parts arduous and fun, and involves way more than swatching lipstick and saying, "pretty!"

Love Cosmetics Awards 2023 crowned the top innovations in beauty cosmetic industry in Poland finding products that aren't just the best at something, they're also the first at something and trendsetting. And it seems finding them was worth every second. This year’s submissions included new beauty industry product launches and trending products. After culling from submissions, the panel made up of expert judges in the field of market, branding, cosmetic chemistry, quality, social media and marketing communication  pored over the products' claims and other features important from a consumer perspective like formulation, brand image, packaging, communication or customer relations, and took them out for a spin to land on Aflofarm as one of the winners.  

Innovative Thinking Award

We are celebrating this year’s edit of Love Cosmetics Awards as the winner of the "#BREAKTHROUGHIDEA" Award for forward thinking in designing a product range - Oxygenetic -  that pulls off the innovativeness of the wildly practical skincare product to the somewhat next level of skincare routine.  We understand innovation as an ongoing quest for non-blueprint solutions that are capable of taking product quality and convenience of use beyond what is known and available.  Therefore, obviously, we keep doing our best to launch products that meet adequate efficacy and safety standards at all times but which at the same time can be considered avant-garde or groundbreaking, so to say,  whether in terms of form or formula. We greatly appreciate the award for it is reassuring that we are heading in the right direction - says Jacek Furman, CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.  

Brilliant Beauty Advancement

Oxygenetic – the range of state-of-the-art antidote formulas featuring advanced synergism-based action consisting in high performance minerals, synbiotics to form a protective barrier for a balanced skin microbiome, youth-boost Vitamins C and A and plant extracts to take skincare routine to the next level.  This Oxygenetic range is a true game changer in skincare which redefines active skincare with a selection of ingredients reviving, oxygenating and energizing at the cellular level. The brand is all about the revolutionary synergetic effect, the symbiosis of an unparallel selection of actives for optimal skincare tailored to the demands of modern life. The Oxygenetic brand entails three ranges: fancy and functional Oxygenetic Energize created to make the revitalising and reviving skin the best it can be with effect living up its name. Oxygenetic Relift to embrace active ageing, the process that is natural and now can be reversed with the Relift range. And Oxygenetic Acid Peel, the acid packed, science backed skincare to help bolster skin microbiome, promoting healthier looking and happier skin. Created to protect skin against environmental stressors and keeps skin feeling superbly awakened. All three ranges comprise 11 cosmetic products to enable consumers select a unique bundle of products within one line that will suit one’s skincare regimen and needs the best possible way as skincare is never one-size fits all.  

Artishoq range in the spotlight

Whether you’re about to wash your hair or trying to eke one more day out of your last shampoo, our Artishoq products have got you covered. Surely, they’re the hair products and that your good-hair-day-every-day friends conveniently forgot to recommend to you. Not surprisingly this product range, designed and created with hair expert Jaga Hupało, the outstanding Polish hair artist and stylist, was awarded the "#GLAMOROUSHAIR" Award. Artishoq, at its core, was meant to provide professional haircare effect at home. The formulas contain artichoke leaf extract known to be a potent and powerful shield against harmful factors making hair more resistant to damage for strong, shiny and easier to manage effect on the hair. We thought to create a brand that will make the best of both worlds  - natural power of actives with professional hair care quality.