Forbes magazine have published its ranking of 300 Best Polish Employers. This edit ranked Aflofarm 5th best Polish employer in the "Pharmaceutics and biotechnology" industry.

The ranking by Forbes of the 300 Best Polish Employers was prepared according to the proprietary method of Statista, the research company, and Forbes which assumes the assessment of entities on the basis of mutual recommendations, analyses of specialist magazines and journals as well as information provided by industry associations and economic research institutions.  

In this year's edit, Aflofarm Farmacja Polska took 5th place in the industry ranking in the category of "Pharmaceutics and biotechnology" and finished 157 in the general ranking of 300 Best Polish Employers!*  

Aflofarm is primarily about people who keep the business growing every day, which is why we are glad that our efforts for the wellness and the wellbeing of our employees gets recognised and that we are known as a solid and reliable employer. You have put your faith and trust in us for nearly 34 years now – the thing to be grateful for, for which we wish to thank you very much - says Jacek Furman, the CEO of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.  

The recognition in the ranking of the Best Polish Employers is not the only award we have recently won. At the beginning of the year, we were awarded the prestigious "Vector of Heart 2022" statuette, presented by the Employers of the Republic of Poland for Aflofarm's activities to help Ukraine. For over 20 years, the organisation has been awarding "Vectors" to companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs whose activities have proven to contribute in a meaningful way to the prosperity and growth of the Polish economy, culture or media.  

*The full list of Poland's Best Employers 2023 ranking and the methodology of the survey are available at