The 29th edit of the Excellence of the Year Awards held by the Twój Styl magazine is an event awarding Excellence of the Year titles to best cosmetic and beauty products in the Polish market. This prestigious recognition award is surely a token of appreciation for us and a valuable tip-off for the readers of the monthly magazine in their purchasing decisions.

The edit was a consecutive winning year for Aflofarm cosmetic products - Bioliq pro rejuvenating serum with retinol and osmin™ pre-shampoo. The jury committee made up of experts from the cosmetic and beauty sector and showbiz personalities rolled out the red carpet for Bioliq pro in the category of “Polish beauty products for women – advanced facial skincare” and pre-shampoo for greasy  hair distinguished in the category of “Polish beauty products for women - haircare”.  

Products of excellence  

Bioliq pro rejuvenating retinol night serum is a broad spectrum skin recuperation cosmetic product which combines pure retinol [0.3%] and a new generation HPR (Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate) for fine lines and deep wrinkles to help get rid of signs of ageing. This potent formula promoting enhanced transdermal delivery of actives to skin microsculpture works to resurface and refine skin texture, smooth fine and deep wrinkles and reduce enlarged pores. Improves skin suppleness and elasticity. Counteracts weakening of collagen fibres responsible for wrinkles and skin sagging for more supple, lifting effect on the skin. Penetration promotors and a prompter which interacts synergically with retinol heighten the transdermal expression of actives into deeper skin layers for more intensive anti-wrinkle effect.  

The other winning product - osmin™pre-shampoo for greasy hair is a hair wash primer with a deeply purifying & detox effect on the scalp. If used regularly, osmin™ pre-shampoo helps control the sebaceous glands  overactivity for balanced scalp microbiome  and is effective to keep sebum at bay to ultimately allow for superbly supreme cleansed scalp and hair for longer.  

Noteworthy, osmin™ pre-shampoo is a cosmetic product which has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Its efficacy in terms of reduced hair greasiness and oily scalp by 85% on average after 28 days of use has been confirmed in both lab and application tests. Additionally, sebum buildup flaking has proven to lessen while the scalp is properly moisturised, detoxed and toned.  

Beauty and health by Aflofarm

We are committed to innovativeness. Over the years Aflofarm has gained the recognition as an innovative manufacturer focused on implementing pioneering, research and test-supported pharmaceutical and cosmetic products which respond to most current patients’ and consumers’ needs. We do care for our customers to be able to relate their needs to our products. This approach  advocated has translated into building a portfolio of over 180 product brands with OTC medicines playing the first fiddle in our product offering and a number of leading cosmetic brands just behind: Bioliq, Regenerum or Redblocker. Cosmetic products manufactured by Aflofarm have enjoyed continued popularity and recognition among female clientele and jury committees alike with a number of our products acclaimed as trend-setters for the beauty industry in Poland. This has reflected in numerous awards of “Superproduct” by Świat Kobiety Monthly Magazine or the ‘Excellence of the Year’ by Twój Styl Magazine granted to our cosmetic products year on year.