Aflofarm, a Polish pharmaceutical company and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, donated products with a total value of nearly 75,000 PLN to the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center in Łódź.

Aflofarm has been involved in activities aimed at ensuring health prevention and education of the society, also in terms of blood donation, for many years. Furthermore, there are several meritorious blood donors in the company's ranks. The founder of the company - Andrzej Furman - personally supports blood donation initiatives. In 2017, he was recognized with the Honorary Badge of the Polish Red Cross of the first degree. This is the highest decoration of PCK, which was established in 1927 by the President of the Republic of Poland Ignacy Mościcki. The prize was awarded for the many years of selfless support for the Polish Red Cross and the Honorary Blood Donation Movement of the Polish Red Cross.

Each year, the company's employees are also involved in the Motoserce campaign, organized by motorcyclists associated at the Congress of Polish Motorcycle Clubs. The company, together with RCKiK, also conducts its own blood collection initiatives.

- We are aware that blood is one of the most valuable medicines. Hence, it is worth doing everything in order to support blood donors. Our help will be placed in the best hands possible - people who do not hesitate to share their own health with others. We hope that our products will constitute a valuable gift for them - asserts Tomasz Furman, Member of the Board at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

As part of the cooperation, Aflofarm provided blood donors with products from the Solevitum D3 and Vitotal lines, which will allow them to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals immediately after the donation.