Monika Mrozowska, actress known from “Rodzina zastępcza”, “Klan” or “Na dobre i na złe” TV series, amongst others, became the face of the new advertising campaign launched for Bioliq Pro intensive moisturizing serum.

Bioliq promotional campaigns have featured Polish stars for some time now, including actresses known from many TV series. Thus far, the campaigns featured Anna Korcz, Aneta Zając, Lidia Popiel, Ada Fijał, Ilona Wrońska, Urszula Dębska, Joanna Orleańska, Anna Bosak, and Małgorzata Potocka.

The advertisement also contains information that Bioliq Pro was recognized as the winner of the Revelation category as part of the Excellence of the Year competition organized by “Twój Styl” magazine.

Bioliq Pro intensive moisturizing serum is a cosmetic for women of all ages, which reduces roughness, the feeling of tension and the gray, earthy skin tone, as well as fine lines resulting from dehydration. The serum’s concentrated formula provides intense, immediate and long-lasting skin hydration.

The campaign featuring Monika Mrozowska is broadcast on all major TV stations. Aflofarm Farmacja Polska is engaged in the creation and production of Bioliq advertising on its own, while SMG Polska media house is responsible for planning and purchasing media.